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I enjoyed that playlist made with Billy Joel songs, so here’s one I made for only about half the songs in Les Mis with Jacques Brel songs! Why Jacques Brel? I don’t know, it’s just what came to mind. (Apologies for the vids without subtitles.)

Prologue=Au suivant
At the End of the Day=On n’oublie rien
I Dreamed a Dream=Ces gens-là
Lovely Ladies=Amsterdam
Who Am I?=Vivre debout
Come to Me=Seul
In My Life=
Mon enfance
A Heart Full of Love=
Je t’aime
On My Own=Madeleine
A Little Fall of Rain=
Le moribond
Drink With Me=
Bring Him Home=Ne me quitte pas
Dog Eat Dog=Tango funèbre
Javert’s Suicide=L’ange déchu
Every Day=Quand on n’a que l’amour
Turning=Les bourgeois
Empty Chairs At Empty Tables=Jojo or Fernand
Beggars at the Feast=Les bonbons (also “Les bonbons 1967” but in that case cw for femmephobic delivery throughout and homophobic content in the last lines)
Valjean’s Death=Les vieux
Finale=Fils de…

my highest-effort shitpost ever




















If space travel doesn’t involve sea shanties then I think we’ll have missed an opportunity.

You see though, for sea travel you want big strong people who are capable of managing rigging.  For space travel you want small low-mass people who are technically educated, as they are called, nerds.  Your space shanties are going to be less booming and more squeaky.

in so far as there will be space shanties, they’ll be filk

I call shenanigans on the big strong people; sailors were young and malnourished by modern standards, and climbing around the rigging is easier if you’re small and light.

Like, I am 100% in favor of shanties in as many situations as possible, but I’m having trouble coming up with a mode of space travel that would require multiple humans to move in concert, thus necessitating songs with a strong beat to move to.  

Sea chanties were for providing a strong beat to move to.  Space chanties might very well arise just because we’re bored, out there between point A and point B for so long.

(Also yes, @gdanskcityofficial up there has the right of it.)

Space shanties are for warp piloting. Under warp drive, human time perception and time as measured by crystal or atomic oscillators don’t match. Starship pilots listen to a small unamplified chorus singing a careful rhythm while keeping their own eyes on a silent metronome that the chorus can’t see, linked to a highly-precise atomic clock. How the chorus and metronome fall in and out of sync tells the pilot how to keep the ship safely in the warp bubble and correctly on course.

Depending on route, a typical warp jump can last anywhere from one to ten minutes, and most courses consist of five to fifteen jumps before a necessary four to six hour break to check the engines, plot the next set of jumps, and give everyone a chance to recover. A good shanty team, with reliable rhythm, a broad, versatile, and extendible repertoire, and the stamina to do 3-4 sets a day over the course of a voyage, is just as vital to space travel as a pilot, navigator, or engineering team.



Other reasons Shanties will experience a revival in the space age:

  • We will sing for any freaking reason, or no reason at all, and Shanties are FUN to sing.
  • Deep Space is a lonely place and recruiting people suited to long periods of isolation might be a good idea.  People from Newfoundland/Labrador, for instance.
  • “What Do We Do With A Drunken Sailor” is basically a revenge fantasy against your most incompetent co-workers and if there’s something humans love doing, it’s being petty.


I left my alter drifting
In another quantum brane
His eyes are sort of shifty
But we’re otherwise the same

If the timeline branches one way
I’m alive and he is dead
But if we go the other
Then it’s me who croaked instead

So remember when when you’re sailing
‘Pon the hyper spatial sea
If your life you would preserve
Do not trust the evil me.



i might have done a small recording because i love all of this.


Oh, Space Australia is my home, Heave Away, Haul Away, And we’re bound for Space Australia

When first I landed on the moon, I went upon a spree

Me oxygen, I spent it fast, got blue as blue could be,

And when me oxygen was gone, ‘twas then I wanted more,

Man must be blind to make up his mind to go to space once more

They shipped me aboards SpaceShipTwo bound for them Neptune seas

Where it’s all ice and snow, supersonic winds do blow, and Jamaican rum does freeze

But worse to bear I’d no space-suit gear, I’d left my gear ashore,

Ah, ‘twas then that I knew that I was dead, and could go to space no more.

So when you come off them long space trips, I’d have you not go wrong;

Take my advice, inhale not in space, go nowhere near black holes,

But get married, lads, spend life on earth, and go to space no more.


Oh times were hard and pressure low,

Leave Earth, Johnny, leave Earth

I guess it’s time for us to go,

It’s time for us to leave Earth.

Beware interstellar ships, I say,

Leave Earth, Johnny, leave Earth,

They’ll steal your breath and your weight away,

It’s time for us to leave Earth.

Oh what will we space rovers do?

Leave Earth, Johnny, leave Earth

Gravity’s gone and we’ll go too
It’s time for us to leave Earth.

Les Misérables Character Deaths Quiz




Definitely the best Sporcle quiz. Makes me think of that comic where someone summarizes Les Mis by showing a huge cast of characters and then having the winds of death blow them all away except Marius, Cosette and Thénardier.

Ooh, I think I know that one! @fixaidea , that was one of yours, wasn’t it? 

(also, DEATH QUIZ)

Yeeee sounds like it! (Specifically this pic here.)

Les Misérables Character Deaths Quiz


Matthew 25:35

fic by spiderfire47
art by  threadbaremillionaire

Mademoiselle Baptistine carefully picked her way through the Digne graveyard on a cool, damp November afternoon. It had not rained in several days, but the sky was grey and ominous, threatening a storm that did not come. This weather made her bones ache and she longed for the relief that the storm would bring. 

As she walked, bent by age, she took each step with great caution, placing her cane and testing that its footing was firm before taking the next step.  She was in no hurry but she did not wander.  The route to her destination was one she took without hesitation.

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