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I Get a Kick Out of You by Frank Sinatra, being played on a radio after everything else is destroyed.

You’ll want good headphones if you can find them in the detritus that once was your planet.




When I think of Conservatism, I think of Defending Chesterton’s Fence. When I think of Defending Chesterton’s Fence, you know what I *don’t* think of? I *don’t* think of polluting the atmosphere so much that large areas of the planet are at risk of becoming uninhabitable!

This is more than ripping up just any Chesterton’s Fence. This is ripping up part of the Chesterton’s Fence that separates the Earth, our one and only home, from the Endless Death Void.

No amount of Radical Gender Theory™ or Degenerate Sexuality™ can rival that!