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I enjoyed that playlist made with Billy Joel songs, so here’s one I made for only about half the songs in Les Mis with Jacques Brel songs! Why Jacques Brel? I don’t know, it’s just what came to mind. (Apologies for the vids without subtitles.)

Prologue=Au suivant
At the End of the Day=On n’oublie rien
I Dreamed a Dream=Ces gens-là
Lovely Ladies=Amsterdam
Who Am I?=Vivre debout
Come to Me=Seul
In My Life=
Mon enfance
A Heart Full of Love=
Je t’aime
On My Own=Madeleine
A Little Fall of Rain=
Le moribond
Drink With Me=
Bring Him Home=Ne me quitte pas
Dog Eat Dog=Tango funèbre
Javert’s Suicide=L’ange déchu
Every Day=Quand on n’a que l’amour
Turning=Les bourgeois
Empty Chairs At Empty Tables=Jojo or Fernand
Beggars at the Feast=Les bonbons (also “Les bonbons 1967” but in that case cw for femmephobic delivery throughout and homophobic content in the last lines)
Valjean’s Death=Les vieux
Finale=Fils de…

my highest-effort shitpost ever