Whoa, I didn’t realize that it was so deliberate, I honestly thought it was unconscious

Scary, scary.

I remember one time, my mother got me a scarf and I told her I’d rather have had the money and she got so angry. Since nobody has ever gotten disappointed that their gift was rejected, I can conclude she was not offering me a gift but was merely planning to strangle me.

But srsly tho, giving non-money gifts is economically inefficient unless it’s one of the following situations:

  • You are able to provide something that money can’t normally buy
  • You are able to suggest something that better matches the person’s preferences than what they would have thought to buy themselves
  • You are able to obtain something for substantially less than the market price of equivalent value

Thus, I personally think there are essentially four valid gifts: company, crafts, cuddles, and currency.


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