Working at LUSH: the saga

I have had men some into a store I used to work at asking if “this hairspray will work on men” and when I said yes they said “but it’s purple”

My whole life!

A man walks into a store to buy shampoo. He walks down the hair care aisle and spots a pink shampoo bottle that promises to give you luscious locks. The man is determined, for his hair lacks luster. He asks the nearest store clerk, “Will this work for men? It’s pink, so I’m not sure.” The store clerk looks at the man, then at the shampoo. He shrugs his shoulders in ignorance. The man resolves to purchase the shampoo anyway.

After arriving at his humble abode, the man takes a shower with his new shampoo. He opens the bottle and tries to pour the soapy substance into his hand, but alas; the shampoo refuses to fall onto his manly skin.

The man crumples down in utter defeat, sobbing as the shower water softly cascades down his rippling shoulders. The shampoo will never work for him, for he is a man, and the shampoo he bought is unfortunately in a pink bottle. “I should have known,” he cries out in a whimper. “I should have known.”

I originally thought this was the Mentally Infected By Stereotyped Persona Associated With Headwear meme. 

Okay but sometimes men’s and women’s products have actual differences that might not be obvious? Like, remember that big post complaining about how men’s razors cost less than women’s? That’s because they perform differently. Women’s shoes are usually designed for people with wider hips. Et cetera. It’s not obvious that there wouldn’t be a difference between men’s and women’s shampoos (is there? I genuinely have no idea and I’m too lazy to google). And of course don’t forget that men might face social punishment for smelling like fruity shampoo, no matter how silly those punishments may be.

do you have link for the thing you said about razors? b/c for the past couple of years, I’ve been intermittently using men’s razors and I have found that they perform better, if anything?


Summary of linked article: men’s razors are designed for shaving thick short facial hair while standing looking in a mirror, while women’s razors are designed for shaving long sparse leg hair while in a slippery bathtub. Shaving cream has no differences.


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