Hey there.

We want to make Tumblr replies the best they can be, and you’re the most qualified person we can think of to help us.

If you’d like to help us out, please fill out this survey. It should take about 5 minutes.

Sound good?

Yeah, sounds good.

Fill this shit out, please. 


Are we SURE this is by Tumblr?  Because they seem to have no idea how replies worked initially, which admittedly, doesn’t rule out this being from @staff

As soon as I reblogged it, I had a “Wait, is this legit?” response myself. I JUST GOT SO EXCITED FOR A SECOND.

I looked at the blog itself, and in truth, I still can’t quite tell. There’s nothing there really saying what the blog is, or what it’s for, or who’s in charge of it. AGAIN THOUGH THAT’S NOT NECESSARILY PROOF AGAINST

Here’s their archive though. The blog looks to have been around since May 2013, and while they don’t have many posts, those they do have do seem to all be in this same vein.

So maybe? I’m tentatively filling out the survey right now, and so far I haven’t seen any questions that have set off any flags. But I’m not done yet either.

Yeah I think I’m personally going to hold off on answering this until I know a bit better who’s collecting the info. I just got to this question:


Which reads “14. Previously, how did Tumblr replies work? For example, were replies available on all posts or on only certain ones?”

And okay HOW DO YOU NOT ALREADY KNOW THIS. And why would you need this information from your users, for fuck’s sake.

Everybody do what’s most comfortable to them, of course! I really hope it’s legit and it’s a sign that Tumblr is looking to actually, you know, DO SOMETHING. For me though, the unknown source and the weird question, it’s just giving me an off vibe. I plan to hold off.

I apologize for reblogging something without checking it out myself first. AGAIN JUST SO EXCITED. Dammit, Tumblr.

To be honest this seems dodgy as all hell. The survey is hosted on without any Tumblr branding.

They ask a bunch of personal info about you, your social media habits etc and then ask for an email address so you can be identified.

Only 4 questions are about your experience with replies and they’re not questions a company serious about developing a feature would ask. 

One asks you to justify/link an interaction. Which given how Tumblr’s search works (badly), could possibly take you a helluva lot more time than 5 minutes.The next question asks you to link it.

The last one asks you how Replies work and how important is it to you in the future.

Four shallow, lousy questions in a survey with over 30 questions. Most of the rest asking about your app and social media usage habits.

Tbh even if this survey is legit, I doubt it’s a serious attempt to get opinions on replies. It looks more like someone is trying to capitalise on a popular demand to gather data on user habits (and the data this research is asking for can be extremely useful for companies), on top of asking for your email so they can not just identify you, but spam you with more surveys in the future.

I’d actually recommend flagging the original post. Even if it did come from Tumblr, it sends the signal to staff that users are finding this survey extremely dodgy. However, the ability to flag posts seems to have been removed on that blog, not sure why. If anyone can figure it out, do let us know.

Update: I flagged the post and wrote to the Tumblr staff with a link to the survey, and this is what they replied:

(Apparently the Marketing department wasn’t really aware how the replies worked.)

So I’m taking this survey. We need the replies back :-/


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