if youre white and you reblogged this without saying which one you are then youre self-hating

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Which of these is me, give me a hand followers

Baffled not white person says, how is this not racist?

White person responds: it probably is racist, yeah, in the sense that it involves stereotypes based on race. It’s a joke I’ve made before, and will probably make again, since I can roughly divide the white people I know (including myself) into these categories and fairly accurately describe a lot of them, and I find that sort of thing amusing.

It’s possible, though, that the fact that I think of these as white categories, as opposed to categories that apply to all races, is racist in the sense more commonly seen here on Tumblr? I mean, I went to mostly-white elementary and middle schools, where each of these groups were everywhere, and then I attended a black high school where they most definitely were not, so there’s a reason why I would develop this bias. Huh.

I mean, even if it is in some technical sense racist, it’s not like white people have a long history of oppression based on having to fit in the Hunter/Shorts Guy binary, you know?

I’m the emo btw

Why aren’t there any women in this categorization? “Nice Liberal Suburban Mom” is a category (and not a complimentary one). “Unique Hipster Girl”. “Receptionist Lady Who Never Smiles”. There’s this entire untapped vein of comedy here, guys.


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