Imagine, likewise, that your ordinary visual/spatial awareness is much like the “ghostly mental sketch” just mentioned.  To some extent, on some level, you are aware that, say, you are sitting in a chair, and that this involves your torso being positioned above the chair.  But, unless there is some special reason to attend to this fact, it does not persist in awareness.  You cannot avoid seeing what is front of you, but you can and dousually avoid “seeing” (as it were) the fact that there is a chair beneath you, or that this chair is about three feet (and not, say, ten feet, or five inches) away from a neighboring desk.  But a hallmark of the separation is that these spatial relations become as pressing and persistent to the conscious mind as vision.  I saw, and kept on seeing, vividly and without reprieve, that I was seated on the floor just so, that Aaron was a certain distance to my left, that a corner of his blanket abutted my left knee, that a flat-screen TV was embedded in the wall behind Jenny a very specific distance away, and so forth.”

oh paul, you are the shinning star that guides us in this sublunary reality. for some reason i always imagined him as someone with an early receding hairline. the arrangement of his folicules was nor preferable i guess.

i tried to do a sort of visual conceptualization of that particular scene and if there are more words than images here is because the separation is something far within the abstract world and also because a lot of the story hinges on the power of written words so i guess its adequate to show mundum in that fashion.

(also there is a portin of the northern caves translated to spanish for shit and giggles there, i sure had shit and giggles translating that incoherent rubbish fascinating text)


Oooooh!! I really want to see your depiction of Floornight now.


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