This is the Adams bust that was at Monticello. Supposedly Jefferson kept it on his writing desk so that when he was writing to Adams it would be more like they were having a conversation. In fact he’d sent this particular sculptor friend of his to Quincy to make the bust, with a bust of Jefferson as a gift for Adams. The sculptor was using a new method that involved taking a plaster-cast of the head. The plaster got stuck on John Adams’ head for several hours. He was, according to everyone present, positively livid. Hence why he looks so pissed. Apparently the sculptor sent an apology to Jefferson with the bust, saying he was sorry for the angry expression. Jefferson replied that it was perfect and he’d never seen a more life-like image of his friend. It was just like having him in the room.

TJ: So, John, you remember Hamilton’s army?

Bust: >8(

TJ: What do you think about my policies on France?

Bust: >8(

TJ: And the fact that I’m going to go down in history as the greatest thing since bread and no one cares about you?

Bust: >8(


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