This started off as me trying to answer the 10 Picture Aesthetic meme, and then sort of turned into something of a Battle of Hernani photoset instead 

which  I mean as regards the original purpose of the thing is 

not wrong 

Anyway photos in order, top to bottom and left to right: 
1 &2 :  Petrus Borel and Gerard de Nerval by Jehan Duseigneur/ Du Seigneur (look, it gets written both ways! It’s not my fault wacky Romantics made their own fun with their names.)

3&4- Theophile Gautier,who was  another one of the main organizers, and …someone?!? Possibly Nerval again? it’s a picture that pops up when I search for Nerval, and it’s definitely a sketch of SOME Romantic. Included for sheer Romantic Fashion. Such as it is. More info would be welcome!  

5- Some artist’s rendition of the preshow Hernani crowd; I think the obvious focal point guys there are (the artist’s idea of)  Borel and Nerval again; the outfits roughly match some of theirs, and they were known to be ringleaders of the group. 

6.7.8 – depictions of the first-night riot 

9.10- Critical commentary on the play and its reception. 

(not included: any pictures of Victor Hugo. You know what Hugo looks like.)

Articles and writing about the Battle of Hernani can be found at Resurrecting the Bouzingo, here for a relevant  excerpt from Richard Miller’s Bohemia,  and here for Gautier’s very detailed memoirs!


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