I’m not crying, you’re crying.

seriously this entire chapter

the stuttering progressive aphasia she gets

and trying to control her body like it’s not really attached to her, and the way it settles into a sort of defiant isolated concentration when she’s not looking

and the bit where she realizes she can’t read

and the bit where Tattletale blows her a kiss, and she has forgotten who Tattletale is and who she is and what kisses are

and the way she reroutes around confusion, knowing that if she stops focusing for just one second she will go completely out of control

and not being able to speak, and not being able to understand language

and the thing that breaks my heart is, that every person she interacts with manages to communicate with her. Dragon accommodates her alexia, Tattletale understands her attempts to communicate, even though it takes so much effort to make such a little gesture, Glaistig Uaine gives her good advice, Imp, well, as we see in the picset…

That her friends, and the readers too by proxy, treat her as a person, even when she lashes out, even when she injures herself, even when she destroys cities for goodness’ sake, because they trust that she knows what she’s doing and that her actions have a purpose. They keep reaching out to her, even in the end.


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