Hey there fellow person!

You like science? Pseudoscience? Statistics? Being part of weird projects? Just really passionate about surveys maybe?

Well aren’t you in luck! As you may or may not know (probably may not), the website xkcd, home of the webcomic of the same name and of the incredible What if? articles, has launched a survey full of kinda-weird questions in hopes of getting enough data to analyze it.

What even is the point?

If enough people answer, we have a good chance of finding ‘meaningful’ correlations (yes, just like in science!). The fun fact though is that given the content of the questions, these will be pretty interesting correlations. (Like.. “People who have already flown in an airplane are way more prone not to like cilantro” or stuff like that.)

Sure but why are you talking about it?
Well. Because the more people there is, the more ‘accurate’ those correlations will be because we’ll have more data to analyze.
Also, some of you might like to analyze data, and can be interested in having a bunch of it to have fun with.
.. And maybe some of you peeps just like to take surveys, who even knows?

So I’ll just be giving personal (even if weird) data to who-knows-who ?
Data will be anonymous. People will just have access to your answers. If that still bothers you though, I would definitely recommend you to avoid this survey.

I’m sold! Where do I sign up?
That’s the kind of energy I like to see! Well once again, the survey is here. Have fun and feel free to share it to everybody you know! The more random the ‘sample group’, the more accurate the correlations!

this survey is a gift to the world

It’s not every day you have a completely valid and scientific excuse to mash the keyboard for a good thirty seconds straight

I predict that my answer to the keyboard-mashing one will be the most common answer, and am curious about what it’ll correlate with.

I probably should have checked off “beer” on the list of foods I dislike, but oh well. (I’ve never had beer, but I dislike wine, hard cider, and creme de menthe/cacao all for the same reason (they taste like being stabbed with countless little needles), which suggests the reason generalises to all alcohol.)


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