Architectural Watercolors by Luca Massone

Luca Massone was born in Genoa in 1967. In 1984 he took his art diploma at the School of Art “ N. Barabino” of Genoa. Later he graduated in architecture at Genoa University and he took the license to practice architect profession.

In 2011 he decided to pursue a parallel artistic career that enhances his artistic and graphic’s abilities, showing with a very personal style views and perspectives of Genoa and of the neighborhood where he lives – Pegli.

I decided to take my artistic career after many years in which the design has helped me to understand my design ideas to other people. My drawings made ​​with ink or black ballpoint pen I realize them without bases preparatory directly on the card so as to preserve the freshness and spontaneity ‘of the stroke. In this way also the realization of fantasy landscapes, usually start drawing without knowing precisely the end result, I find it very risky but fun! 

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posted by Margaret


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