Going through my papers, I found this. This was something a girl I the class above me wrote for me when I was being bullied by my classmates. I was nine and she was ten. I hope she’s happy now.
I lack the ability or desire to be famous but I love this. I’m welling up. I was so lucky that she stood up for me.
1. Ignore people who pick on you but if they don’t stop tell a teacher or any adult you know and can talk to.
2. Don’t change your personality I like it. Anyway everybody is different.
3. Write good poems and do good in your lessons. One day you will be famous.

(Also, I’m not going to tell people to reblog things if they don’t want to but I’d like this to get a lot of reblogs, I think it could cheer up a lot of people.)

This is precious.


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