cardinal richelieu

He had 14 cats! 
He is known for always petting one cat on his lap while talking. You know, persans and angoras, the super-villain classic cat-thing. It was real with him.
He loved each and everyone of them and gave them awesome names!
Check them out :

  • Félimare,
  • Lucifer
  • Ludovic-le-Cruel (Yes, Cruel Ludovic)
  • Ludoviska,
  • Mimi-Piaillon, (meaning something like cutie-howler)
  • Mounard-Le-Fougueux, (Mounard the Fierce)
  • Perruque, (Wig ! )
  • Rubis-sur-l’ongle, (cash-on-the-nail)
  • Serpolet,
  • Pyrame,
  • Thisbe,
  • Racan,
  • Soumise (submissive)
  • Gazette

Reblogged again for translations! Still not over this giant fucking dork naming his cats Pyramis and Thisbe. Or fucking LUCIFER. And this is just the ones that were left when he died. I want to find out if we know the names of all of his cats. What other dork names am I missing out on here?

All of a sudden my cat being named Baldr doesn’t seem all that outre.

Wait, are we saying that Richelieu is the origin of the cat-stroking supervillain?

I am now picturing:

  • Capaldi with MANY cats
  • just how covered in cat hair all the furniture and his robes were.
  • Tim Curry with ALL the cats
  • All secretaries had to pass the sneeze test.
  • Milady and Lucifer have PLANS.

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