ok I just love that ‘minor melkorism’ is actually a thing

also the slightly passive aggressive tone of voice here is kinda hilarious

(from athrabeth finrod ah andreth, morgoth’s ring)

#no but this is so disturbing#because to tolkien+the valar#desiring to be your own master#not wanting the tutelage of the valar#is melkor-lite#that’s the issue with conceiving of melkor’s crime as ‘rebellion’ instead of ‘torture and murder’#all rebellion#even if it does no harm#is just a step down the sliding slope to melkor#the next sentence says that no Elf has ever denied the existence or absolute supremacy of Eru#and that no Elf has ever willingly entered melkor’s service#and to the valar those two things are literally the same thing#it’s why their choices look so absolutist#this is a minor Melkorist blog 2k15


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