206                                                       Coyote Road

He gave a sour laugh.”You stole them.” 

“Nobody else was using them.”

Failed intubation and difficult ventilation.

‘So I quietly prepare to die in the next year or so’.

“In the fourth House Tristitia consumeth and destroyeth fields, possessions and inheritances; causeth a Father to be old and of long life, and a very covetous hoorder up of money.”

"If a vee sounds like a safe way to have a sexual experience with another guy, make sure to enlist a straight guy as your three-way buddy.”

“‘Women and Work: A Document on the Division of Labour in Industry, 1973-1975,’ organized by Margaret Harrison, Kay Hunt, and Mary Kelly Installation at South London Art Gallery, London, 1975”

“It’s like trying to talk to a haunted house — a fact that doubtless wouldn’t amuse them in the least.”  (Seanan McGuire, Sparrow Hill Road)

“A development that proved fatal to the Brassica Carriage Company, which had elected to construct its engines and tracks to the gauge based on the horse-drawn cabbage delivery carts.” (Terry Pratchett, Raising Steam.) Well, at least there’s kale…

Choker [pronunciation] noun a piece of jewellery or narrow band of fabric worn closely around the neck: a pearl choker. (Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, 2000 edition.)

“How does it work?” Star Trek, Strangers from the sky

“though of course God would be a reason for it” Brave New World, Aldous Huxley 

“In elektrischen Leitern (Metallen, Halbleitern, Elektrolyten und Gasen) werden Ladungen durch Ladungsträger (Elektronen, Ionen) transportiert, die eine Masse m une eine Ladung q besitzen.”
(Metzler Physik)

…wenn ich schon meinen Freund ständig mit Physik vollabere.

"Figure 8-5 shows the US market for shrimp, ignoring international trade for the moment.”

“It would be much easier if such passion could be blamed on my ancestress.”


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